I am going to be heading to Jamaica for a semester with a group of people that I go to school with and we are looking for some sort of cause to help with while we are there. If there are any different types of women’s opportunities in Jamaica that we can find for volunteering, service work or internships, it would be nice to be able to learn about them.

Instead of simply looking at this as a kind of vacation, we are really interested on finding out a lot more about the culture in Jamaica and the different types of opportunities that there are for local women. Any chance at volunteering at a shelter, community kitchen, after school program for children or anything like that would be just perfect for what we are hoping to accomplish.

Is there a website that is available that lists some of the openings that there may be for volunteer positions? Anything that we could gather for any open situation would be very helpful. We are open to staying for a bit longer than a semester if the right opportunity comes about. Any guidance or information would be very helpful for us before our trip.