Are there women’s opportunities in Jamaica? I’m honestly wondering if this is a thing. I’m not personally planning on going there myself, but my three daughters are pretty gung ho about going there. This worries me a little, not because of anything I fear in Jamaica, but because my daughters are so young. They are old enough that they can go there without my approval though, as they are all in college and technically adults.

I actually do want them to go. My parents retired there, and I love visiting myself, but I still have a career. Unfortunately, my father had an accident and can’t get around as much as he used to, and my mother can’t care for him and the little villa they have on the beach.

So, my daughters are planning to spend a collective gap year there to help out until he is better and then return to school. The thing is, it won’t take all three of them to run the place, so one or two will have to find work or income there, and that’s why I wonder if there are women’s opportunities in Jamaica that they can possibly explore while there.